Romance is Rosy as Candy is Dandy!

Naturally as a romance writer my favorite candy for Valentine’s Day is Sweethearts, but there are some days that I …read more…

#RWA15 New York!


Write Touch Conference — WisRWA

Big News! The 2015 Write Touch Conference is April 24-26. On Friday April 24th there will be a book signing …read more…


Returning from Hoth and the Mother of All Rejections

  It had been five months since the too-big-and-cold-for-me RWA conference. I’d recuperated slowly and had settled into a pretty …read more…

Romancing the Conferences with RWA

A year ago at this time I was prepping to go to the big gig in NYC. As I’m scanning …read more…

Romance Reads in August

                      These last weeks of summer are are moving surprising …read more…

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