Motivator #2–Jumping out of Your Head

July 21st, 2014


I’m always on the hunt for ways to stay motivated.

The writer in me has to work hard to come out every day and get the words on paper.

But there are always distractions and interruptions. They take me away from my sure-to-be next great sentence. I’m pretty certain that if it weren’t for those “dang kids” I would  have written that one sentence of pure genius or hilarity. The one that my readers would “ooh” and “aah” over…for years to come.

Thankfully most of those brilliant, but broody thoughts don’t make it on the page. Instead of going on a search and rescue mission–I abandon them.  I cast my “deep thoughts” back to Stuart Smalley and jump out of my head and grab onto the intrusions. Real life, it’s good writing fodder and keeps my writer’s brain, motivated and sane.

Exploring the disruptions gives my brain a break. It’s a not a rest time, but a time to let ideas come into my mind, take a load off and kick back. Crazy but true–brain breaks stir things up.

I usually have to chauffeur one kid or another someplace, so hopping in the car and getting out, works. Or walking the dogs. My little Doxie’s need some exercise, they give me a chance. Heading to the library, with the kids. We’re all happy reading a book.

These are the motivators that  work like a charm.

I’ve jumped out of my head and let the ideas from around me break into my mind. A word or expression, ultimately finds its way into some character’s dialogue without much agony. Or some joke, seems perfect for one of my characters. I wonder, “Where did that come from?”

And I remember the goofy time I had with the boys at the library.

I think I’m a better writer when I’m not internalizing every detail of my story or obsessing about the craft or worse, the business of publishing. Writing is such a solitary endeavor, it makes it so easy to be suffocated by your own words. 

So breathe. Writing is a marathon not a sprint. And the ideas that find their way into writing have to come from somewhere, so it’s best to give them a chance. Give your brain a rest and let ’em in…

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