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The 70’s Elephant Bells and David Cassidy

Throw Back Thursdays always makes me think of my favorite pair of pants, a pair of corduroy plaid elephant bells. The bells rang out around my ankles. My fashion “flare” had begun. As much as I relished my 70’s fashion, it was the music that got my groove.


David Cassidy singing “I think I love you,” is deep in my head. It’s still there. After more than 30 years, I have mornings that I sing it to my teen sons to make them blush. They run away in embarrassment. Mom’s just can’t sing or dance.

david cassidy

But I’ve danced and sang into my fist-microphone from forever. I can remember the songs, the albums and the Tiger Beat heartthrobs as clear as the soft feel of my white Naugahyde Go-Go boots against my calves.

partridge album cover

My first album. Of course a milestone. The Partridge Family. It was clear. David Cassidy was a babe, and he took over for my favorite Monkee, Davy Jones. In the early years–the pop music–phase–one cute lead singer was shoved away fast and furiously replaced by another.

David Cassidy replaced Davy Jones, but then I was drawn to Mickey Dolenz. (Though I still want Susan Day’s hair).


KC and the Sunshine Band “That’s the Way” unhuh unhuh “I like it.”

kc album

In 8th grade we drove to North Carolina. In the back seat of the Ford Thunderbird I sang along to 10cc.

10cc black and white

I wasn’t in love, until the 80’s and Bruce came along. I went from Pop to Rock and haven’t looked back.

bruce album

Next week’s #tbt–The Eighties.

I love album covers. I totally miss vinyl. Feel free to share some of your favorite LP’s here…

The Best of the New Year–Auntie Mame


This New Year will be all about storytelling for me. There’s structure in the beginning the middle and the end, but the story comes to life with characters. Mame is an example of a character that puts me into storytelling nirvana. It’s a story that’s happy, sad,  and humorous. It declares a message about humanity and goodness without pounding it into the viewers’ heads.

Mame triumphs over Peter’s elitist uncle, turns an unwed mother from a stigma in society into a celebration of independence and mocks exclusivity while denigrating prejudice  All the while finding romance and hope and keeping her tiny family afloat during the depression.

It’s a musical with flare and fabulous fashion. Mame is a story that each time I watch it I fall in love with Rosalind Russell and the story that she so elegantly shares through Mame…life is too short to waste. Relish it.

If you’re a fan – what’s your favorite scene?



mame with chairs