About the Author


Tricia Quinnies read Perfect* by Judith McNaught and wanted to write a contemporary romance.

But family kept her happily busy.

Eventually, she carved out time (around four in the morning) and started writing her first romance novel. It was a great story inspired by her adventures in London and Wilmington and Chicago and a few other cities.

Because of a bad case of wanderlust, it grew too long so it’s under the bed waiting for a trim.

Tricia found out that settling down and sticking close to home worked for her contemporary romances. Small towns in Wisconsin or on the shores of Lake Michigan make for some sexy, romantic adventures.

While not writing, Tricia tries to keep up with three very social teenagers, one sweet husband of twenty years, and two Dachshunds that protect her ferociously.



Because it’s a truly great romance and it’s a heartful depiction of the absolute importance of literacy in our world. XO