The Just Desserts Series


lemony sunshine

Book One – Lemon Tart (Previously Just Desserts and Available Again 2016)

Sadie Maxon’s almost done baking desserts and waitressing at her father’s trendy diner in Lake Geneva. She’s anxious to get back to Chicago to finish grad school. When Quinn Laughton, a contractor renovating the Wrigley mansion on the lake, offers to buy the crumbling diner, she can’t resist his deal or his sexy down-to-earth sweetness. But Sadie discovers Quinn is a member of the prestigious Wrigley family and is unsure if it was her or her family’s legendary diner that attracted Quinn. To convince Sadie of his intentions, Quinn mixes up a batch of passion and romance for her. But will Sadie’s small town sensibilities be swayed by Quinn’s big city charm?



macarons from bakery

Book Two – Ginger Sweet (Coming 2016)



“As her first novel, Just Desserts, Tricia Quinnies has hit one out of the park with its beauty and sweetness in characters and romance that will have you smile.”

October 20, 2014 by Hello-Booklover


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