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Romance is Rosy as Candy is Dandy!

candy hearts by pop sugar

Naturally as a romance writer my favorite candy for Valentine’s Day is Sweethearts, but there are some days that I have to have my coping candy…Twizzlers. After thinking about Twizzlers, I recalled that Red Vines have been a long time summer choice  Then the light bulb went on and I realized that I’m a uber candy fan. I loved going to the penny candy store when I was kid…Bear’s Pharmacy. We’d grab the lunch bag and begin to fill it up with the rainbow of small-sized sweet treats. Tootsie Rolls, Bottle Caps, Laughy-Taffy, Mary Janes, Jawbreakers, and Dots to name a few.

I love reading each Sweetheart and popping it into my mouth.

What’s your fave candy?


Write Touch Conference — WisRWA


Big News!

The 2015 Write Touch Conference is April 24-26.

On Friday April 24th there will be a book signing for Wisconsin authors from 8:00 to 10:00 pm.

I’d love to meet you and share some fun giveaways!  So look for me near the table that’s covered with macarons, peanut butter cookies and sweet treats! I want to celebrate Sadie in Just Desserts with you! XO

Give me a shout out and let me know if you’ll pop around!


The Best of the New Year–Auntie Mame


This New Year will be all about storytelling for me. There’s structure in the beginning the middle and the end, but the story comes to life with characters. Mame is an example of a character that puts me into storytelling nirvana. It’s a story that’s happy, sad,  and humorous. It declares a message about humanity and goodness without pounding it into the viewers’ heads.

Mame triumphs over Peter’s elitist uncle, turns an unwed mother from a stigma in society into a celebration of independence and mocks exclusivity while denigrating prejudice  All the while finding romance and hope and keeping her tiny family afloat during the depression.

It’s a musical with flare and fabulous fashion. Mame is a story that each time I watch it I fall in love with Rosalind Russell and the story that she so elegantly shares through Mame…life is too short to waste. Relish it.

If you’re a fan – what’s your favorite scene?



mame with chairs



Boxing Day!

bloody mary milwaukee style


In England Boxing Day is a holiday celebrated the day following Christmas Day. As tradition is known, the holiday originated from the time when servants and workers would receive gifts from their bosses. The gifts given in boxes or lunch boxes became known as Christmas boxes.

Boxing Day extends the Christmas festivities another day. The celebrations continue. Here in Milwaukee, Boxing Day calls for a nice fresh Bloody Mary–Milwaukee style–with a beer chaser.

Happy Boxing Day!

Halloween Hangover

It’s over. No more tricks. The treats are gone. And the costumes from all the parties are discarded in the laundry room. Or,they’re in a pile waiting for a recycle next year. Not complaining. Since, forever, Halloween has been my fave holiday. Finally though, I have time to finish what I had no time for earlier this week…some baking. They turned out sort of cute and I had to race to take a pic or two. The boys inhaled these sweet sugary jack o’lanterns. Hope you all had a boo-tiful Halloween!


more pumpkins


Sweetest Day – Fact or Fiction?



sadie's raspberry

There’s some whisperings around town that Sweetest Day isn’t a real holiday. In my mind, it’s as real as the air we breathe, and like air, a little hard to see. Still, it’s a day that promotes the good stuff : candy, cards with romantic messages, flowers, kisses (chocolate as well as the smooch-type) and above all, love.

It’s a day on the calendar that gives us a good excuse to think about the loves in our lives. Sweethearts, lovers, parents, grandparents and kids. Family.

Since the majority of days we step onto a hamsters wheels, spin, come home, fall asleep and get up in the morning to do it again…whether Sweetest Day is a true holiday or not, it doesn’t make a difference.

It’s a day to send out some good loving!

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