A Classic Romance — Sally and Steve

February 8th, 2015



It’s no secret that I love romance. The books I read have to have a happily-ever-after. I love dating stories. I’m a strong shoulder to cry on when hearts break and need a pep talk…because love is so darn tricky. It hits you when you least expect it, so it’s best to move on and be prepared for when Mr. or Mrs Truelove shows up.

When people share how they met and married, I’m paying close attention and when I’m fortunate to meet a couple who have been together for 50 years, I want to hug and congratulate them. Heck, I want to hug everyone who will let me. I’m truly inspired. Which is why I write romances.

I was lucky enough to interview Sally and Steve Stevens. I tend to turn into mush around celebrities of any sort and had to keep it together for Sally and Steve.

Steve Stevens is the designer of the most incredible car, the Excalibur. Sally is a corporate art collector/designer.  Steve’s father Brooks is the iconic industrial designer. In my head instead of rainbows, unicorns and puppies, I see cars, art, and kitchens…The Stevens family is the trifecta for my imagination.

I managed to stay strong and not turn to my “celebrity”mush, but the romantic in me slipped out when Sally and Steve told me that they have been together for more than 50 years. They met when they were in middle school and have been together since. “Sigh”


Last summer, Sally and Steve celebrated 50 years of marriage in storybook fashion and  a romantic way — a surprise party hosted by their daughter.

They have always lived in Wisconsin and built their house on a winding road beside the Milwaukee River in 1969. They raised their three kids in the house and still reside there today. Their daughter Lindsay, with own family, lives in the neighborhood.

Unbeknownst to Sally and Steve, Lindsay had planned a surprise anniversary party for them right in the neighborhood.

Steve and Sally shared how they were truly surprised…

“For our anniversary we had managed to take off and spend the weekend together in Kohler, Wisconsin. We stayed at the American Club, and played golf at Black Wolf Run and then at Whistling Straits. It was the first time I played at Whistling Straits. For the three previous PGA tournaments, I had been the Hole Captain.” Steve said.

He recalled, “After we returned from Kohler, we had been invited to Lindsay’s neighbors for dinner. When we arrived at the neighbor’s home, nobody answered the door bell. We were 15 minutes late, no one was around and we wondered if we had arrived on the wrong day!”

“In fact,” Sally recalled, “I half-wondered about the cars down the street near Lindsay’s house as we pulled into our  friends’ driveway that evening.”



“We decided to drive to Lindsay’s house and saw tables outside. All of a the sudden the garage doors opened.”

Sally and Steve laughed.

When the garage doors opened–over eighty friends and family members appeared. They were all there with well wishes to help Sally and Steve celebrate.

“It was an absolute and true surprise,” Sally said. “I was speechless. Oh. I still question…Did I talk to anyone?”

Steve added, “Lindsay had pictures everywhere. Our son Tyler came in from Connecticut and Brooks flew in from London. We all had a great time!”

“Needless to say it was a real surprise! Lindsay pulled it off in a major way!” Sally and Steve said together.

Sally and Steve have been married for fifty years, but the romance began long before as they met when they were both teenagers. When they were married back in 1964, it was a double wedding. Sally and her sister were married on the same day. Steve said, “Sally was dating my good friend, but when I asked her out, she chose me. We’ve been together since. And that friend she’d been dating…we’re still friends!”

Thank you to Lindsay and Liz D. for sharing these spectacular photos. xo


Choix du photographe (5)

The Stevens family also celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Excalibur in Paris. More on that later.



Do you know or have any favorite romantic couples to brag about? Let me know.




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