For the Love of Cranberries and Margaritas

November 28th, 2014

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candied cranberries for sadie

Yesterday, our Thanksgiving dinner was simple. I made turkey and amazing mash potatoes (lots of butter and no milk). I had to make the green bean casserole for myself as my crew prefers their green beans without any crunchy onion bits. The dressing I mixed up from Trader Joe’s. All in all the meal was delish. But, for me it’s all about the leftovers.

Now the fun starts. What am I going to make with the leftover cranberry sauce?

There’s just a bit of cranberry sauce left. I had cooked the cranberries on the stove top with raw sugar and fresh orange juice. I love when they heat up and POP! as they cook.  Then I added some pomegranates. The deep crimson color was mouthwatering.


As tradition allowed, I had a can of cranberries in the wait on the counter…just in case my fresh ones didn’t turn out. But this morning the can is still sitting on the counter. My fresh sauce turned out great. It was tangy sour with some sweet. There’s a little left and this is my goal. I’m going to mix up a batch of cranberry, pomegranate margarita’s with the leftovers.

cranberry margarita

My drink doesn’t look quite as photogenic, but this version of a cranberry and pomegranate margarita tastes great.

Here’s my simple drink recipe which is more like an adult-beverage smoothie:

Step 1: Take leftover fresh cranberry and pomegranate sauce and place in blender

Step 2: Pour Jose Cuervo Margarita Classic Lime (ready to go with tequila) into the blender.

Step 3: Hit liquefy!

All portions are based on your leftover cranberries, pomegranates or taste for liquor. I added a bit of water and poured over ice. Yum!




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