Just Desserts Cover Reveal

September 7th, 2014


It’s here!

Tuesday September 9th the cover for Just Desserts will be revealed. It’ll be fun if you can join the reveal at:


In the meantime let’s talk covers. Who can’t talk about covers? Not many. Especially writers. And just so you know most covers that are splashed on the interweb and what not, have NOT been chosen by the author. So it’s best not to judge the writer, writing or story on the cover. But we can peruse covers and talk books.

I love dishing about covers. It’s all about the cover … right? Not really, but you either love ’em or hate ’em or any opinion that’s in between.

The bonus is that there are so many books that we loved reading but hated the cover and just as many books that we hated to read but loved the cover.

Some of my fave covers are below. What are some of your favorite covers? Do tell!




outlander bookcover


yellow raft cover




corduroy book cover




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