Wild Raspberries and Fluffy Pink Stuff

July 14th, 2014


Sadie’s memories of her mom, Kate Maxon, are crystallized in her head. Especially one–eating the simplest of desserts with fresh raspberries and watching reruns of I Love Lucy.

redhead again

Kate Maxon adored Lucille Ball. Sadie couldn’t help but wonder if it was because of Lucy’s humor, strength or the red hair. All of which resonated in her mother. Sadie can claim the Maxon resemblance with the mop of ginger hair–but the strength and humor–the jury’s still out.

Their cottage farmhouse in Lake Geneva, the south side, supported a leafy wall of wild raspberry bushes.  As a kid, Sadie and her mom picked enough of the tiny berries, to fill a couple of bowls. Sadie’s mouth still waters at the sight of fresh raspberries. After a picking,  her mom washed them in the ceramic colander and set it on the table. The berries never made it back in a bowl.

Sadie and her mom sat at the kitchen table, popped the berries in their mouths and watched TV. 

Often her mom made the fluffy pink stuff. She would whip fresh creme and mix in raspberry pectin. After it refrigerated, (for about the same amount of time it took for Lucy and Ricky to make amends) Sadie then drizzled warmed raspberry jam and berries on top of it.

Fluffy pink stuff, wild raspberries and Lucille Ball are forever in Sadie’s foodie mind. Just Desserts…


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