Motivator #3–Writing Conferences

July 28th, 2014

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As the big one has kicked off this past week in San Antonio, Texas  I have to reveal the truth. I’m jealous. I’m not proud of it, but I’m admitting it.

I’ve had to refrain from Twitter. I’ve paused before hitting “Like” at the many pics being posted by my WisRWA writer colleagues on Facebook. For romance writers of all kinds, this conference is the Cadillac of conferences. It’s work and fun and a whole lot of it.  You have the opportunity to come face to face with authors and go all fan girl. It’s exciting when you meet writers that you’ve exchanged tweets with for the first time! It’s squee plus some.

This year, there are the lucky ones who posted #RWA2014, while I’m posting #NOTatRWA14.

The camaraderie is priceless! The writers and readers surrounding you are huge motivators. They understand the pains and glories of writing. How your head, full of ideas, loves it when you can talk to others about it. And they respond.  

So to conquer my admission of oozing green-eyed goo of envy, I’m taking hold of it. And I’ve realized something.

There’s a catch. Writers are writers and they like to share!

I can’t be there, but dang, I can learn from any where thanks to the interweb and the gracious supportive gang of writers attending the conference. I’m feeling the writerly love!

So what if I couldn’t make it to RWA14. I can still glean valuable info from pics and posts. The bonus, most of the tips are short and sweet. In my opinion short bits have staying power. They tend to pop up when you’re in your writers’ cave and looking for something to break through the muck in your writers brain.

Conferences are supportive and enlivening events for writers. They come in all different shapes and sizes and more than likely there’s one for any need and budget. If they’re close to home, even better. But in this big world enlightened by technology, we don’t have to feel excluded when we’re unable to participate. Writers are a pretty inclusive bunch.  

I’m going to put it on the must-do-list–to participate in the RWA Conference in 2015. But if I can’t make it I’ll be rooting everyone on from home and watching closely.

In the mean time, here are some smidgens of brilliant advice from my WisRWA colleagues who went to Texas.

WisRWA member extraordinaire,  Anne Parent wrote:

“Having a great time at the RWA National Conference in San Antonio. I attended the PRO retreat this morning. What an inspiring group of writers. The format was set up as a speed dating situation. We worked with experts in their topics at each table. I chose branding, what to do before you’re published and log lines. I learned so much! I wish I could bottle the positive energy and send it back to each of you.”

Thanks Anne. You have brought it back to us!

My favorite bit of inspiration from RWA14 is thanks to another fab WisRWA member–Kristin Bayer…

“A wonderful keynote address from former RWA president Sylvia Day yesterday. She talked about all the ways it’s easy to fail as a writer and how far she has come by learning from those failures.”

“Next time you have to make a decision, ask yourself if you are making it because you are afraid, and if you are, throw it away. Throw away the fear and just do it.” Sylvia Day


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Here I’m with some of WisRWA’s finest while in Wausau at the 2012 conference


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