Sweetest Day – Fact or Fiction?

October 13th, 2014

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sadie's raspberry

There’s some whisperings around town that Sweetest Day isn’t a real holiday. In my mind, it’s as real as the air we breathe, and like air, a little hard to see. Still, it’s a day that promotes the good stuff : candy, cards with romantic messages, flowers, kisses (chocolate as well as the smooch-type) and above all, love.

It’s a day on the calendar that gives us a good excuse to think about the loves in our lives. Sweethearts, lovers, parents, grandparents and kids. Family.

Since the majority of days we step onto a hamsters wheels, spin, come home, fall asleep and get up in the morning to do it again…whether Sweetest Day is a true holiday or not, it doesn’t make a difference.

It’s a day to send out some good loving!




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