The Virtual Conference…Great, Good & So-So

Last weekend, I attended my first virtual writers’ conference. Originally, the conference was scheduled to take place last April, until Ms. Corona came to town. This particular conference takes place every other year and this would have been my third trip to join my fellow romance writers in Chicago. So, attending the on-line version excitedContinue reading “The Virtual Conference…Great, Good & So-So”

The Call

There’s a rumor that floats around in the world of writers about the publishing business. It references some kind of a phone call. In whispers among word slingers they talk about the moment when an agent reads your manuscript, loves it, and then wants to represent you and your work. It’s the call of theContinue reading “The Call”

Tips to Keep in Mind from the Beginning

~Start Planning Early~ Get your planner out and look at the the next eighteen to twenty-four months. Your ideal location may not be available until two years in the future. Seems like a long time, but the decisions that are developed in the early stages will help to keep the conference plans cruising along smoothly.Continue reading “Tips to Keep in Mind from the Beginning”