A romance writer with a passion
for helping other writers
achieve their true potential.

About Tricia

Tricia Quinnies reads a lot. An assortment of books stack her shelves: mysteries, historical fiction, travel, biographies, classics, book club picks, memoirs, and romance.

She writes contemporary romances as Audrey Lynden.

 “Modern Romance with an Old Fashioned Twist” 

She celebrates writers who take on the task of filling empty pages with words, sentences and paragraphs. Tricia knows first-hand how difficult it is to create unforgettable characters and meaningful stories. Most importantly, she understands the challenges of getting to the end and finishing the damn book. Writing is a gig that can be fulfilling but difficult.     

The business of publishing your words is another world and ever-changing. Writing conferences give writers a chance to see how it all works.

“How the sausage is made.” An insightful agent once said. 

Attending a writing conference is a valuable experience. Not only can you improve your craft, you’ll meet the publishing professionals who can explain the intricate and convoluted realms in publishing. Meeting like-minded sentence-slingers can also offer guidance whether you’re in the query trenches or launching your novel.  

As a one-time conference coordinator, Tricia offers  advice about writing conferences. Whether you’re attending or planning a writing event, you’ll find a few tips on her blog about how to make it a worthwhile and successful endeavor.

She believes romance writers get special accolades. The genre regularly gets D-listed, even though romance titles sell more than any other genre. The brilliant and bold writers who craft happy endings deserve applause. The book she recommends most often is Dangerous Books for Girls by Maya Rodale.  



"Romancelandia is powered by women like Tricia—a passionate reader, writer, advocate and organizer. She has a gift for rallying a community around a shared passion of romance novels. If you have the opportunity to work with her—take it!"
Maya Rodale
"If 2020 has taught me anything, it's that nothing can replace the experience of an in-person conference. Being able to meet authors, agents, and editors in real life, as opposed to online, provides an invaluable opportunity to connect and ask questions. At the end of the day, meeting with writer friends over dinner or drinks allows us to share our successes and failures."
Carla Luna Cullen
"Tricia Quinnies knows what she's talking about when it comes to writer conferences! She planned one of the best conferences I've ever attended as a speaker. From the workshops to the food to the overall welcoming vibe, Tricia's conference was top notch. My exact words when she drove me back to the airport were, 'You should teach people how to plan these things.'"
Mel Jolly
Coach and Creator of the Unlock Your 5-Star Future Course

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