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Book Launch

May 23


Troy Story by Carla Luna

May 23, 2023



Troy Story is the second book in Carla Luna’s series, Romancing the Ruins. It’s another archaeological romcom that readers will really dig. We’re officially introduced to Dusty Danforth, an incredibly likable heroine. She’s challenged with an intimidating mother, a hot summer in Turkey and an even hotter best friend, Stuart Carlson.

While Dusty’s searching for her dissertation topic, she’s resolute in facing her feelings for her friend Stuart. Spending this summer on another archeological expedition gives Dusty the perfect opportunity to accomplish both of her dilemmas.

Both having parents deep in academics and archeology, Dusty and Stuart have romped around the world and together learned how to survive with a constantly changing home full of unearthed treasures. Dusty grew up appreciating always winging it, while Stuart needed to be grounded.


In his newly minted university position as an assistant excavation director, Stuart heads to the legendary city of Troy in Canakkale, Turkey. He faces monumental pressure as he’s saddled with working for Professor Rutherford Hughes. A controversial academic with a shady past. Having his good friend Dusty along with him on the dig eases his concerns and will make the job easier. Especially since his trust in her runs deep. Except his feelings are deeper and this time he may need to unearth that truth.

At the dig, a team of students and professors gather for the project. The familiar face of TJ Mayer appears and a new face, Emilia Flores joins the site. Mortimer Jones is a wannabe archeologist and with his daughter Clarissa, they make this dig even more fun. The smarmy Dr. Hughes needs a big win and when “Operation Odysseus” goes awry, his dirt is exposed. Leaving Dusty and Stuart to pick up his mess without jeopardizing their careers.

A delicious assortment of mouth-watering mezes are spread out throughout the story. They will inspire your taste buds and readers may find themselves craving some baklava.

With the Iliad, Trojan War and Greek Gods hovering around the site – this friendship with Dusty and Stuart heats up. They discover their friendship isn’t a zone but a solid base for a loving relationship.

I was lucky enough to get an early copy. Readers, this friends to lovers story is a gem so don’t let it get buried in your TBR pile. Troy Story will be available May 23rd and if you haven’t already, pick up the first book in the series, Field Rules.







May 23


Tricia Quinnies